Note: To do this, it is assumed you are in class for the teacher to guide you through the imagery exercise.  If you are making up this assignment, have a friend or parent guide you through it.

Part 1: Guided Imagery

Close your eyes.  Now, place yourself in an incident that made you (a strong emotion).  What do you see?  Who is with you? What are they wearing?  Describe them?  Are they talking?  What are they saying?

What is the weather like?  What do you smell?  Look around again.  What do you see?  What do you hear?

Ok, now describe the action: what's happening?  What are you feeling?  What is your physical sensation?  How are you reacting to the situation?  How does the situation end?  How do you feel now?

Now, open your eyes and write a descriptive paragraph based on everything you just re-lived.  Be precise, use all your senses, and write as it really happened.

Part 2: The Guided Imagery Poem

Write a poem based on the experience you just described in paragraph form.  You goals are to fully develop your imagery in such a way that you capture the tone/emotion of the experience.  You are expected to draft and revise it as usual, and then illustrate your final copy with its mood in mind.

-Thanks to Abby Pavell who provided the Guided Imagery exercise portion of this assignment.-